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Western sushi names

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Have you ever wonder why certain sushi have a certain type of name in your local Japanese restaurant?

Names like wet dream, sweet 16 roll, rolls Royce or even I did your girlfriend sushi roll makes you think who the heck comes up with these names.

Obviously it is a marketing ploy to entice people to come into the restaurant and get excited with these silly names. I would say most of them if not all of these sushi rolls are very unhealthy. All of them have some sort of sauce, whether it’s spicy mayo or more mayo that is equivalent to the amount of calories of ranch. Oh lets not forget Cream Cheese.

Of course these are sushi rolls are really yummy I have to say so I can’t complain. And what makes it interesting is that every Japanese restaurant, have their own specialty roll. I mean look at the wet dream roll, it has cream cheese (unhealthy), shrimp, yam sauce, and eel sauce. All of these ingredients are so yummy but are so bad for you.

I tend to have these specialty roles once a week or once every twice a week. Maybe I’m a traditionalist sushi person who loves nigiri and sashami and like my lean meat and no thick sauce.

That is my rent for the day.


Easy sushi: Temakizushi

Temakizushi is a type of sushi that appears like an ice cream cone but filled with sushi ingredients. The shell is nori seeweed and has sushi rice as its first layer. Other ingredients are added such as fish, shrimp, eel or scallop. These ingredients are nicely sliced (quarter inch strips) so it can be laid nicely on the rice. Don’t forget the veggies! Veggies like sprouts, cucumbers, avocado and pickle daikon radish are a popular choice.

Use mayonnaise and a bit of wasabi to flavor the sushi.

The best part of Temakizushi is that you can use your hands to eat it and another plus is that it is easier to roll into a cone than doing it the traditional maki style roll.