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My favorite Japanese Dipping Sauce: Ponzu!

One thing I have to point out is that I love flavor! Any food that I eat must have some seasoning and if it doesn’t, then I will need some dipping sauce! Im a huge fan of bbq sauce, I must have over 20 varieties in my pantry and fridge. I mostly use it for ribs at the end of the slow cooking stage.

Ah, it’s making me hungry writing this entry.

Recently I’ve been going out to eat at Japanese Restaurants many times with my girlfriend ash loves sushi, as do I. We have gone so often that I wanted to try something different other than sushi. From talking with friends, they pointed out to try one Japanese Restaurants in my downtown that specializes in Japanese hot pot like Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu.



We went with a group of friends on a Saturday and sat at a table that had a stove top fused into the table. We order the meal for 6-8. The waitress brought a huge tray of vegetables along with a second tray with thin sliced meat(beef). The veggie tray also had some thick rounded noodles (Soba), which are my favorite kind of noodles.

One of our friends had experience in doing the hot pot Shabu Shabu thing so he started things off. As he was cooking the ingredients the waitress brought some dipping sauces. One of them she explained is called Ponzu sauce. I have heard of it but never tried it before. So I was stoked being the seasoning and sauce man.

The beef cooked fast and I went in with my chopsticks to grab a nice piece. I slowly dip the beef in the ponzu sauce. I basically soaked the whole meat for a good 4 to 5 seconds. Then slowly raising the chopsticks and inserting the soaked ponzu beef into my mouth.

WOW. The tender beef and the sauce made me feel like I was floating. I really took it in the flavors and enjoyed every bit of that intake. The flavor had a hint of citrus, tang and saltiness.

The next day I quickly looked online for Shabu Ponzu sauce and apparently you can buy it in a bottle. It is readily available in the condiment area of any U.S supermarkert that has an Asian aisle. Also looking further I found directions from a Japanese site on how you can make Shabu Ponzu Dipping sauce(click here).

“Soak konbu and bonito fish flakes in 7 parts soy sauce, 2.5 parts citrus juice (ideally yuzu), 2.5 parts vinegar and 3 parts mirin for a day.”