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Enjoying Sukiyaki….an amazing treat

Throw an Inch cube of butter to grease the pan. Use chopstick to move the butter in a circular motion until it the pan is buttery or butter is partially melted. But keep the butter on one side so it isn’t totally melted (keep heat low to mid). I must say the smell of the butter is intensely delicious.

Sukiyaki from nyaa_birdies_perch

Sukiyaki from nyaa_birdies_perch

Throw in some salt to flavor.

Throw in some high grade beef, but very thin slice so it cooks fast. Use chopsticks to flip and move beef to cook. Takes about 2 to 3 mins until redness of beef disappears.

Throw beef in individual bowls. Each bowl contains one’s favorite sauce.

After all the beef is cooked, you can throw in other food items such as chopped spring onions, tofu, different types of mushroom, more beef and konjac noodles.

Make sure to butter up the pan before putting in the items. To add more flavors add beef suet. Then you can pour in the sauce mix of Soy Sauce and sweet sake and start stirring all the items until cooked.

Continue the process until all guest at table are fed well. Until next time!