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Japanese Diet is Healthy but Expensive

Okinawa has some of the most oldest people on the planet and is suggested that the diet plays a role there.  Since they are on a island, they have plenty of simple, fresh and quality seafood nearby.  Seafood is known to have a positive role in keeping the longevity of the people of Japan.  You can too have the same lifestyle may be nice fresh but in some Japanese restaurants you can get it.  The only issue is price.

Raw Fish

If you live in the West coast of United States or even the East Coast, you may be lucky to have sashimi grade salmon or tuna.  If you get the good cuts, will cost you some cash but the health benefits is highly regarded.  One food item to avoid if you going for the Japanese diet is battered foods such as tempura.



Try to stay on the fresher side.  Another popular Japanese food item are the sushi rolls.  Try to get the minimal ones were there isn’t that much sauce or crumbs involved.

Salty Foods the Good kind?

Salt may be a big concern in the West but in Japan it is not used as much because there ingredients or he has the salty taste and it.  For example seaweed, soya sauce and miso will take care of that for you and providing another depth of taste known as unami.  Furthermore seaweed has a great source of magnesium, iodine and calcium.
Lastly look into fermented or pickled foods such as cabbage, cucumber or dike on.  Pickled vegetables is popular in Japan and sometimes used in their sushi balls.  These are my favourite because they are so flavorful, salty and crunchy.


By the way forgot the noodle category!  I am not talking about the instant Ramen because those are apparently not good for you but if you purchase the whole noodles like soba you’re in a for treat.  Serve soba noodles with your favorite vegetables, fermented vegetable and meats.  You can even use the noodles in your Ponzu Shabu Shabu sauce but though you will need the thinner noodles.